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2001-2005 LB7-LLY( 4 )

Stealth2 Tuner 2001-2005

LB7 and LLY Tuners in a single unit with 1 price! 135hp on the 2001-2004 LB7 and up to 110hp 225 ft lbs of torque on the 2005 LLY.

Price: US$ 445.00
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Stealth Racing Tuner For 2001-2004 LB7

Increases fuel economy when diven under normal conditions. Race version tuner for LB7 has an amazing 10 performance tunes up to 215hp!

Price: US$ 699.00
1 Year :
2 Shipping :
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Quadzilla Air Intake 01-05 6.6L

You will never have to buy another filter as long as you own your truck.

Price: US$ 279.00


Filter Cleaning Kit 6.6L

Price: US$ 15.95


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