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GM Gas Tuner( 1 )

This bulletproof tuner base is the fastest loading tuner on the market and is loaded with features.

The Stealth Tuner for Gas engines modifies fueling tables, ignition timing, torque tables, and enhances shifting. The tuner will add from 20-45hp to the wheels depending on the application. Not only will the tuner make a night and day difference in the performance of your vehicle, you can expect from 10-20% increase in fuel economy.
* Covers all GM engines from 4.3L to 8.1L
* Works on 98-05 trucks and SUV's including the H2
* Offers regular unleaded and high performance tuning
* Offers enhanced shifting and high performance shifting options
* Reads and Erases Diagnostic trouble codes
* Removes the top speed limiter
* Corrects speedometer for different size tires or rear end gears
* Increases fuel economy
* Reduces downshifting when towing

GM 98-06 4.3L-8.1L Gas Tuner

* Works on 98-06 trucks and SUV's including the H2 and Chevy SS. Covers all GM engines from 4.3L to 8.1L. Excluding high performance engines such as Corvette and SSR

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