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Stealth Racing Tuner For 2001-2004 LB7
The Quadzilla Stealth Tuner is the ultimate handheld programmer for the Duramax. While being extremely well-known for being the most powerful handheld tuner ever produced, it also offers many other features that are important to you.

* Race version tuner for LB7 has an amazing 10 performance tunes up to 215hp!
* Read and Erase Diagnostic Codes
* Correct Speedometer for different tire sizes*
* Removes Top Speed Limiter*
* Raises the rev limiter up to 4400rpms!
* Allows for Transmission Retraining
* Fastest loading tuner on the market
* Simple in cab installation
* Increases fuel economy

Precision Tuning
At the heart of the Stealth Tuner is many long hours of precision tuning combined with thousands of miles of real world testing. We combine the use of fuel injection pulse width and injection timing to create the ultimate horsepower and torque curves. The precision tuned timing maps are one of the reasons our tuner has the lowest exhaust temperatures on the market. Perhaps the best part of the Stealth Tuner is the mileage gain that you will see. We all know that a more efficient engine will gain fuel economy and we know exactly where the stock parameters are lacking. Depending on your driving style, you can expect to see a 1-4 mpg increase!

The Quadzilla Stealth Tuner is packed full of power and features for your 2001-2005 Duramax. Among these features are power increases up to 215hp and 415ft lbs of torque on the 2001-2004 models and up to 110hp and 225 ft lbs of torque on the 2004.5-2005 models. Also included in this awesome tuner are the ability to modify your speedometer to compensate for larger tires*, remove your top speed limiter*, retrain your transmission, and read and erase engine and transmission fault codes. All tuners also have the ability to use these user-defined categories without installing an engine tune.

Combine all of this with the best reliability, and you can't go wrong. We offer a 1 yr warranty in the tuner and a LIFETIME warranty on the software! No one else will match this. Quadzilla also offers free updates and revision to the original owner FOREVER.

New in 2005
Although we have had tremendous success with the Stealth Tuner, we still found room for improvement. For 2005, we are going to combine our huge line of tuners into 2 choices. This gives you the most options ever available in a handheld tuner. We will now offer the Stealth tuner with 6 tunes on it! This entry-level tuner will give you up to 135hp on the 2001-2004 models and up to 110hp 225 ft lbs of torque on the 2004.5-2005 models. The new Stealth Tuner will also work on all Duramax engines from 2001-2005. We have combined two tuners into one! The Stealth Tuner "Race" version will now have 10 tunes up to 215hp to suit your needs. The "Race" version will only be available for the 2001-2004 Duramax and will also carry new pricing for 2005!

Try the Stealth Tuner and see why it is the Ultimate tuner for your Duramax.

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