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Xzillaraider Adjustable Race Module
The Xzillaraider for the Common Rail Cummins is unlike any module ever produced for this great engine. The Xzillaraider module uses cutting edge technology to modify fuel pressure, injection timing, fuel pulse width and boost tables. In fact it is so cutting edge that it is patent pending!


* 0/60/100/140 HP Gains
* Modifies fuel injection quantity, fuel pressure, injection timing, and boost
* Keeps rail pressures at safe levels
* Adjustable on the fly
* Simple installation
* Lowest exhaust temperatures
* Up to 140hp gains
* Smoothest power delivery available

Digital Processing
Using state of the art digital processing allows us to sample engine and fueling parameters faster than any other product on the market. Using this technology, we are able to tune fueling curves and injection timing curves with precision. This gives you optimized efficiency for better fuel mileage and low exhaust temperatures, as well as that extra low end torque and horsepower you are looking for.

Injection Timing
The Xzillaraider alters injection timing in a much different manner than other brands. While we do not create timing maps, we dynamically alter the injection timing by modifying signals that are specifically related to injection timing. The advantage to altering timing in this manner is that we never over-advance the timing out of the vehicles given range. This allows us the benefits of adavance injection timing without setting engine lights or having the reduced liability of altering such a sensitive circuit. We are only changing the timing within the engines own parameters. This means we never advance over maximum timing, but the injection timing is added where it is needed for lower exhaust temperatures and better fuel mileage.

While we always recommend exhaust temperature monitoring, we offer you these power gains with the lowest exhaust temperature available. The Xzillaraider also offers boost "blocking" in all levels, including the off position. This allows us to raise the boost levels without the computer knowing about it. This is especially important for those that plan on doing more modifications at a later date.

While we can't give all of our secrets away, we know that the second you drive with an Xzillaraider module, there will be no doubt that it is what you are looking for.

Easy to Install
The Xzillaraider is a simple plug and play module that only takes minutes to install. The Xzillaraider is one of the smallest modules available, so finding a place for it will be simple. The Xzillaraider is also adjustable on the fly! We offer 4 settings including stock on both models.

Perhaps the most important factor of the Xzillaraider is its reliability. The technology used to create this awesome module is bulletproof. We have built-in self diagnostics and fail-safe routines to make sure that you have many miles of satisfaction. The Xzillaraider is the most reliable module ever produced for the 2003-2005 Cummins.

The Xzillaraider is available for all 2003-2005 Cummins engines.

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