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XZT Towing Module 6.0 L 65HP
Xzillaraider XZT series is the BEST answer if you are looking for an economy module. The XZT modules combine great power for towing and they increase fuel mileage. Others may claim an increase in fuel economy, but at substantially higher prices. The XZT modules are the only modules that combine performance and fuel economy for an economical price. Why spend over double your money for less performance?

As with all Xzillaraider modules our exclusive "On Demand" technology is incorporated in the XZT series. The XZT modules are extremely smooth while giving incredible power throughout the rpm range.

The Xzillaraider XZT modules alter fuel injection quantity, fuel injection timing, fuel injection pressure, and boost fueling. This combination of tuning is not found anywhere else. *Some XZT modules also monitor oil temperature as an added safety feature. The XZT will automatically manage power to reduce engine temperatures.

The XZT modules are non-adjustable and add up to 65hp and 165 ft lbs of torque increase. You can expect mileage gains of 1-4 mpg.

* Increase Fuel Economy 1-4 mpg
* Lowest Price in the Industry
* 65 HP and 165 Ft lbs of torque Increase!
* Simple installation
* Low Exhaust Temperatures
* Smooth Power Delivery
* Designed for Towing
* Built In Oil Temperature Monitoring*

* On Ford Powerstroke

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