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Xzillaraider Adjustable Standard 6.0 L 03-05
Quadzilla has been at the top of development for the 6L Powerstroke since its inception in late 2002. We were one of the very first to produce a module for this great engine. We were also the first to release an in-cab adjustable module. We currently offer the highest horsepower gain, with the easiest installation available. Well things are only getting better in 2005!

The Xzillaraider module for the 6L Powerstroke is a fully programmable, state of the art, digital module. This module is the first and only module that DOES NOT require ANY tools to install! This is without question the easiest, and fastest installing module available. The Xzillaraider does not touch the ECM or the FICM! The Xzillaraider is 100% completely invisible once it is removed.

The Xzillaraider for the 6L uses patent pending, state of the art digital processing to produce unbelievable horsepower and fuel mileage. The Xzillaraider modifies fuel injection pressure, injection timing, injector pulse width, and boost tables. This is the most complete module ever built. The Xzillaraider samples data over 50 times faster than the competition. What does this mean to you? Smoother horsepower curves, better drivabilty, more horsepower, and better reliability. We use this new technology to precisely alter the fueling and boost curves for more low end power and increased fuel mileage. We use the same method as Ford to dynamically alter the injection timing strategy. By altering the timing, we increase fuel mileage and lower exhaust temperatures. Altering timing dynamically allows us to modify the timing curve, but allows us to stay within the factory parameters. We never advance the maximum timing further than the factory allows. While we always recommend exhaust temperature monitoring, the Xzillaraider offers awesome power gains with the lowest exhaust temperatures available. This technology also allows us to create power that the transmission can handle. The Xzillaraider is the best shifting module available. The Xzillaraider modules are adjustable on the fly with 4 different settings including stock!

Not only does the Xzillaraider the best in the business at giving you awesome power gains, it is also the safest module for your 6L Powerstroke. The Xzillaraider has a built-in 2 axis monitoring system that keeps tabs on your engine*. If your coolant or oil temperatures start to rise above acceptable level under a heavy load, the Xzillaraider will automatically back down its fueling based on the temperature. This is a bulletproof system in that even if you were to lose water from your cooling system, which would not allow the gauge to read properly, we still can make sure that fueling is backed down. This is a feature that you will not find anywhere else.

The Xzillaider is not only the safest module available, it is also the most reliable. The first thing that separates the Xzillaraider from everyone else is the wiring harness. Through many hours of engineering and design, the Xzillaraider uses just 10 wires to do its magic. Any other competing product will have 4 times that many wires and exactly that many more chances for problems. The Xzillaraider also has built-in self diagnostics and has alternate strategies to compensate for potential problems. If a signal were to fail the Xzillaraider will automatically compensate with a set value so that you are never left stranded. The self diagnostics allows you to make sure that your module is working with just a glance while turning the ignition on.
0/30/60/120 HP Gains
All this power, safety features, and reliability are now met with unbelievable pricing. The Xzillaraider is now offered at prices that modules have never seen! Once you try one you will see the Power of X!

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