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Xzillaraider 99-03 7.3 Adjustable
After many years of development and research on the 7.3L Powerstroke we couldn't resist doing something even better when the technology became available. The Xzillaraider for the 99-03 Ford 7.3l Powerstroke is a new and improved version of the Stealth Module. Quadzilla used its patent pending technology to revise the Stealth Module, making it smoother, more powerful, and more reliable than ever. The new Xzillaraider is also much, much smaller.

The Xzillaraider controls fuel injection pressure, fuel injector quanity, injection timing, and boost tables. The state of the art high speed digital processing allows our tuning to be faster and more accurate than ever before. By combining the use of injection pressure with the added injector pulse width stretch, we are able to produce fueling maps that can take full advantage of the stock fuel system. This allows us to further improve mileage, and make more usable horsepower than ever. The Xzillaraider has incredible low-end torque which is perfect for pulling or for racing. The Xzillaraider dynamically alters the stock timing curve for lower exhaust temperatures and increased fuel mileage. We know through testing that by only altering the timing curve and never advancing the timing further than the factory allows, we can get these benefits without compromising the reliability of the engine. The Xzillaraider offers awesome power gains with the lowest exhaust temperatures available.

The Xzillaraider also features some exclusive safety features. The Xzillaraider monitors oil temperature and has built-in safety modes should the temperature exceed acceptable limits. In the case of unacceptable oil temperatures, the Xzillaraider will defuel according to the temperature. This is a safety feature only found on the Xzillaraider.

The Xzillaraider is the easiest module to install for the 7.3L Powerstroke as it does not require any tools. The Xzillaraider is 100% Plug and Play. It is fully adjustable on the fly and is completely undetectable once it is removed. The Xzillaraider is the only true 100% undetectable module for the 7.3L Powerstroke.
0/40/80 HP Gains
The best thing about the Xzillaraider is its reliability. With built-in self diagnostics, you can be sure that the Xzillaraider will never let you down. With a simple glance, you will be able to check the self diagnostics upon turning the engine on. Should a signal fail, the Xzillaraider has builtiin alternate strategies to make sure that no matter what you get where you are going.

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